I’ve principally worn the dual hats of problem-solver and data analyst over the past decade. Much of my data analysis experience comes from my time in the workforce management space at both Sears and McKesson. Being a data analyst in two very different industries like consumer retail and healthcare means I’ve been fortunate to receive in-depth exposure to very different data environments. Data and demand operate differently in these environments and as a result, I learned how to apply my data analysis skills broadly to other functions and industries. I invite you to read my primer on how forecasting works or you’re welcome to learn about my problem solving philosophy.



I’m a Zambian-American and my dual identities mean I consider myself a true global citizen. I support diversity initiatives not just because of who I am, but because I have seen diverse teams operate better in pursuit of business outcomes.

There is a strong emphasis on communication in both my personal and professional lives. I encourage you to read about the top 3 people skills that data analysts need to understand more about that side of my philosophy.

When I’m not dreaming about data, I’m on the soccer field, often acting as a coordinator and actively participating in amateur leagues.

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